Whether it is developing new health services and diagnostic techniques or delivering world-class education and training to equip students with the skills and experience they need to succeed, innovation is a key priority and passion for all three partner organisations.

By using our collective expertise, knowledge and skills in new and exciting ways we can work together to accelerate change and identify innovative solutions across the health, care and education sectors.

Initial priorities include embedding research and innovation into new and existing educational programs for health, social care and health improvement so students benefit from the very latest research findings and best practice, using data to drive forward change and innovation and identifying a number of initial projects to focus on over the next two years.

Speeding up the Diagnosis of Skin Cancers

A national consortium, led by NHS Forth Valley, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Colin Morton, is working with industry and academia to develop new digital techniques to rapidly diagnose skin cancers. The ‘ 25 by 25’ project aims to help diagnosis within just 25 minutes by 2025.